Its Friday, yeeessssss!! It's been a while since I've shared some of my favorite products with you, so since we're just a week away from Christmas, I thought I'd do a Christmas gift edition for this week (just incase you've been slightly procrastinating ;)

1. Altra Footwear Torin 2.5 • First off, I've said it before, Altra Running shoes are my favorite! The Torins are my favorite shoes for longer road runs. They are soooo comfortable. They just came out with the Torin 2.5 and I love this Coral color! You can find them here!

2. NYX Wonder Stick • This is my go to, quick and simply make up routine. I put on some mascara and use this Wonder Stick to contour a bit. Highlight the cheekbones and under eye with the light side, then darken under the cheek bone and top of forehead. I'm not a make up guru at all so this works great for me! No powder or mess, just a quick swipe of the wonder stick! (My husband calls it my war paint when I'm putting it on haha). I buy it at Target!

3. Gymberg Resistance Bands • These are my latest Fitness discovery. The Gymberg training band system is awesome for take it anywhere training. I'm all about at home training if you're busy and have kids at home. Also training on the go! When we lived abroad I would've LOVED these for traveling workouts. These bands come with 5 different resistant levels, a door attachment, ankle attachments, and handles. They are designed with a canvas strap center so you can hold it down with your feet, or around a tree without it sliding around and you'll always have even tension for both arms! A lot of my fitness programs can be done from home and these bands would work perfect for the added resistance. Best part, the whole package is only $14.99 on Amazon! Order this weekend and you'll get them by Christmas, find them here. Bonus: they have a 1 year, 100% money back guarantee! 

4. GSI Outdoors Glacier Microlite 500ml • I really just love water bottles and always have one on me! My favorite as of lately is this GSI outdoors flip top waterbottle. Keeps your drink hot or cold for 8 hours! I'm picky about my water bottle spouts too and this one is awesome! Not too big where all the water poors out on our face (is that just me?), you don't have to suck, You don't have to unscrew a lid which takes forever sometimes, and it's easy to clean! Find it here

5. These are my latest favs from Lulu! They're designed for yoga, so not the best running pant if that's what you're looking for. I love them for cruisin around, TRX, yoga, Reformer Pilates, HIIT. They just hug you in so nice :) I love how they are high waisted and the material is heavenly. I have the deep green color, but this dark magenta is also fabulous! Check them out here

6. This is my latest favorite top from Lulu. Its so lightweight and breathable and I love the tie in the back. You can leave it loose as just a slit, hanging a little bit longer over the tush, or tie it up! And its stinky sweat resistant, always a plus. I have the grey, but I love all the colors! Check it out here

So there you have it! Some gifts that will keep on giving, helping you reach your 2017 fitness goals :)

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!! (and just so you know I don't get anything from these companies haha I just want to share my tips with my awesome followers!)