I’ve been listening to the school of greatness podcast for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. I look forward to long commutes, long runs, bike rides, etc, because its my time to listen to my Podcasts! Lewis interviews amazing people from all different walks of life. He provides a good variety of information from creating a business, being successful in relationships, and also health and wellness topics. 

I wanted to share this particular episode because he is interviewing Dr. Hyman and he targets everything I believe and preach about making FOOD OUR MEDICINE. He explains how we can heal our bodies with food and I completely agree. There has been so much corruption in the American food industry that people are not aware of and he brings a lot of this to light in the interview. Through my formal education and personal studies, I know that the food pyramid guidelines and what they teach in American schools about Nutrition has been completely off for a long time. Its amazing. Breads and Grain at the bottom, with the highest recommended servings, and fats at the top, suggesting that we should avoid them at all cost. I was actually excited to hear in this interview that the USDA has made a couple of changes in the right direction this last year, but still have a ways to go. I also think its bizarre that Doctors aren’t required to take Nutrition classes! What?! thats crazy, but it sounds like Dr. Hyman and others are working to change that system which is awesome! 

I recommend a higher fat, protein, and fiber diet to my clients and in this interview he talks about the benefits of that. When people go on a low fat diet they lack energy, are always hungry, and there brain doesn’t think as clearly. We need fat in our diet! not only for weight management but for proper brain function! Also, with more fat in our diet, our body naturally burns more fat.

I love how he explains the meat confusion. We hear all different sides in todays world, “go vegan, meat is bad for you”, “Paleo is the way to go, eat more meat” etc etc. The confusion goes on and on. He explains that meat shouldn’t be the main part at every meal, but when eaten sparingly, and from good wholesome sources (not factory farm meat), it is perfectly healthy. Of course you don’t have to eat meat to be healthy, you can get everything you need from nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, but saying that meat is bad for us is false. He explains the flaws in the studies and it’s explained very well. 

I am always excited about quality sources of information and want to share the word with my followers so that they are well educated as well. With all the garbage going around it can be hard to decipher good information from the bad. 

Dr. Mark Hyman just wrote a book called “Eat Fat, Get Thin” and if your interested I think it will be a great read! If you have time, I recommend listening to the podcast and hear it first hand from a quality source!