So excited to introduce my brand new program to you guys! I call it the Track Star Stair Master program. While in Paris I had access to an awesome park with hills, stairs, benches, and space to run free. That was my gym for 6 months, no equipment, no fancy stuff, I would just use my sandbag for weight days, and the park for the rest. Well I thought since it's summer, so many of you have access to good weather, bleachers, parks, stadium track and field, or some kind of stair set with open space. I wanted to share this guide that is full of 12 awesome workouts that are all unique and fresh to add to your routine. This guide is meant to be added to your current workout schedule. I recommend adding in 2-3 Track/Stair days with 2-3 days of weight workouts. 

I'm also really excited about the meal guide portion of this program. I've turned the focus to the best meals to consume pre & post workout. I've prepared you with the best foods to fuel your body for your best workout! Also, I've included how to re-fuel your muscles after your sweat session. You will be able to maximize your results from the workouts with the right fuel. I've included my favorite recipes that I know you'll love! 

I love these workouts! If you're a busy mom, you can bring your kids along with you to the track and they can totally be entertained. You get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and catch some rays while you're at it. These workouts are awesome to do with a partner or group, so tell your friends and have them purchase the program with you! You can both follow a long together and meet up for extra motivation! (please only one user per purchase though, thanks for the honesty :)

If you want a fun and convenient way to work your entire body, get your heart rate up and sweat, then look no further, this program is calling your name girl!

Find it right here and lets get started!