Alright, if you’re pregnant or a new mom, and anything like me, you’ve probably looked at a million “registry list” articles for ideas on all the must have baby items. These lists are super helpful, especially going into a world where you have no idea what you’ll need or what it’s going to be like. Stepping into new territory can be terrifying but oh so exciting all at the same time.

I wanted to add my 2 cents with my favorite products I’ve discovered in my almost 8 weeks of motherhood. From peeing and pooping, to feeding and sleeping, these have made a big difference in my new little world. Some of these products are solely for me, some for baby, and some benefit the both of us (aka: a twofer :)

Remember, every baby and mom are different, so some of these products may not be useful for you. I still have a ton of learning to do on this journey, so any insights you guys want to add with your favorite products please comment here and let me know!!

  1. Haakaa Pump: Coming in at #1 because it has made my world such a better place! I was waking up soaking wet with breastmilk every morning, and constantly changing my bra and shirt. I realized that the boob not being sucked on still leaks milk during a feed! News to me! This pump catches all the milk that would be leaking out of the boob and through all my layers, and instead of being wasted, I’m able to store it away instead of having to pump all the time. It’s genius! Some nights I am able to store 4-5 oz of milk just from what would have leaked all over me. I have a freezer full of milk that would’ve been wasted on my clothes! It’s super easy to use too, it just sucks right onto the boob, no hand holding needed! Check it out here.

  2. Doterra Tender Tattas: Breastfeeding has some awesome side effects like raw tender nipples. But Doterra to the rescue with there Tender Tattas blend. It comes in a super easy to use roller bottle, and as soon as you roll it on it provides instant soothing relief. I rolled it on after a feed for the first couple of weeks, and my nipples healed right up. I made sure to wipe it off before I fed again so he wouldn’t ingest it. My sister Chelsey Hale is my Doterra guru, so hit her up to give it a try! You’re tattas will thank you.

  3. Aquafer: Lots of pooping requires lots of diaper changing, which requires lots of bum wiping. Smear some aquifer on there and your babies bum will be in heaven, right where it came from. Check it out here on Amazon.

  4. Peepee Teepee: If you have a little man, you know they come with a little squirt gun. You have been warned, you will get peed on. But there is a solution! Some genius came up with the Peepee Teepee and I’d say it’s a must for little boys. Just place it right over his peepee while you’re changing him and it will protect you from the pee attack! Check it out here.

  5. Windy Frida: We learned that little babies struggle with getting out their own gas bubbles and poops sometimes. Poor little guys! When it’s the middle of the night and they’re screaming, you’ve fed them, changed them, and tried everything else, blame the gas! We used gripe water and gas drops regularly, but a few desperate times have called for desperate measures. Windy Frida to the rescue! This little device sticks right up their bum and lets out a little whistle as their gas comes out (usually accompanied by a little poop so be careful and don’t stand too close). Check it out here.

  6. Quick & Healthy Snacks: Breastfeeding works up an appetite! But also leaves you short on time. So having quick snacks on hand is key. Two of my favorites have been Kodiak Cake Cups, and my homemade protein balls. With the Kodiak cake cups you only have to add water and microwave for a minute! They have muffins, flapjacks, and oatmeal options. so good! And this is my favorite power ball recipe that has saved me! My appetite has been pretty strong with breastfeeding, and I don’t really have time to make a snack each time I need it. I made these before Ivan was born and stored them in my freezer. They have been the perfect snack! Satisfying and nourishing. Here’s the recipe.

  7. Oxy Clean bowl: So news to me, newborns have yellow poop! And they poop a lot! And sometimes it blows out of their diapers and gets all over their cute clothes! My sister in law shared this trick with me and it has worked like a charm. Keep a bucket of cold water with some oxy clean powder in it and just throw in the poop clothes. When you have a good amount built up in there, pour it all in the washer and the stains disappear!

  8. Swaddle: If you have a little squirmer like we do, you’re going to want a heavy duty swaddle for the night. Newborns like to be swaddled nice and tight, and sometimes the swaddle blankets don’t to the trick. Also, reswaddling multiple times through the night can get old real fast. We have loved the Halo sleep sack, and the Ollie swaddles. They have Velcro and keep him nice and snug in there (he has yet to escape).

  9. Feed App: These last two are apps for your phone. The first is the BabyFeed Timer app. I use this to keep track of which side to feed him on, how long it’s been since the last feed, and start to see a pattern with his feeding schedule. You can analyze the day, the week, the last month, and keep it all on track. It will also send you a little reminder when a feed is due on your phone. If you have an Apple Watch, the app is also super helpful there as well. download it here.

  10. White noise app: I love this app for 2 reasons. Little babies love noise, and they are so noisy themselves! We have him in a bassinet in our room and he makes the craziest noises all night. I keep this app running on my phone next to our bed and it helps drown out his grunts and moans, but I can still hear his cry for food. This app has so many options, from rain falling and ocean waves, to airplane cabinet and the womb. Download it here.

So there you go, 10 products that are all inexpensive or free, and have made our new parent life so much easier! Try them out and let me know what you think. Also add your favorite products in a comment, I would love to hear! Feel free to pass this blog post on to your mom tribe

Happy Mothering :)