Alright, I know its not New Years, but lets talk goals. Can you imagine! setting goals outside of new years?? I say that sarcastically but kind of serious…. Most people set goals and try to make all these changes January 1st, only to find themselves defeated and overwhelmed 2 weeks later. But this month will be different. If you’re participating in my 30 day fitness challenge you’re ready to get back on track with some goals! (You can sign up here) 

My favorite part of this program that I’ve put together is the Healthy habit aspect. Each week, participants will reply to their weekly guide email with 1 healthy habit they want to work on for that week. Just one. By focusing on this one habit, and telling someone about it (me), we will see success! Consistency and accountability are huge! The next week you may choose the same one to continue working on or you may add on another to work on in addition to the first. The plan is to have healthy habits that will stick, by the 30 days, that will create for you a healthy life. 

For this weeks Wednesday Wisdom I wanted to focus on strategies for how we can create long lasting healthy habits. This isn’t a 7 day fat blast detox, or a “lose 10 pounds in 5 days” type of program. This is a slow and steady, change one step at a time type of thing. Getting us back on track. We’re pulling the roots out, not just trimming them. So take note, whether you’re joining the 30 day challenge or not, create some new healthy habits this September, check back in with your new years resolutions and see where you left off, its still 2016, you can do this!


  1. Start where you’re at. Figure your baseline and go from there. If you’ve never loved to cook, don’t set a goal to cook every meal, 3 times a day, 7 days a week. You will get discouraged and annoyed real quick. Start with trying to cook 3 dinners a week and go from there! If you’re already working out 5 or 6 days a week, think of how you can up that by increasing the intensity of each workout rather than adding a day. Stretch yourself, but make sure its attainable.
  2. Know your unhealthy triggers, and plan your goals to avoid these. Be aware. If you know that every time you go to lunch with friends there’s a bread basket and you can’t turn it down, then maybe work on a new habit of going to a healthier lunch spot where they don’t bring out bread! Or maybe instead of lunch you go get pedicures! Avoid the traps. Being aware of what sets you off down an unhealthy path is key! That way you can combat it.
  3. Know your strengths and use them. We all have our weaknesses, but that means that we all have our strengths! Focus on those and use them to your advantage. If you know you’re really good at eating healthy when you have something to look forward to, then plan something to look forward to! Plan a beach trip, or a reunion, or a Spartan Race, or something that you want to be looking and feeling your best for. You may know you eat healthier when you’re less busy. Well then figure out how to free up some time, which goes along with the next tip, prioritize! 
  4. Figure out your priorities. If you haven’t figured it out yet, in life we can’t do it all. We must priorities what’s most important to us. If you want to be fit, is working out a higher priority than watching your favorite TV series? When it comes to healthy eating, we must priorities as well. If Chocolate Chip cookies are your favorite things in the world and they make you happy, then maybe thats higher on your priority list and you need to keep those in your life. However you may not care much for cereal but you just eat it because its there. Get rid of the cereal, but enjoy a chocolate chip cookie every once in a while (not every day though :) . Think of the things in your life that are just there but a low priority and get rid of them to make room for the higher priority healthy stuff. 
  5. Make steady changes and be consistent! Consistency is key here. Psychology studies have proven that small victories along the way create success for our bigger goals. By choosing one healthy habit to work on each week, whether its drinking one more glass of water each day, or not looking at our phone first thing in the morning, these things make a difference! Choose something you can tackle each day and acknowledge your success. Before you know it you will be living a healthy lifestyle without having to think too hard about it! Thats what we want, habits that create a healthy lifestyle. Rather than thinking you have to do it for a whole year, just take it one day at a time. 

Alright I think we’re ready to welcome in the new month. Remember these tips as you’re setting your goals this week. I promise your health is worth the effort and hard work! Keep it up and lets get Back on Track!