Tips for avoiding Over-Eating and Checking in with hunger

Spending time with family the last couple of weeks I had a conversation that inspired this post (most of my blog comes from the conversations I have with my awesome clients and others in my life throughout the week). Among lots of celebrating, we went to Tucano’s for a post wedding feast. For those of you who aren’t from Utah, Tucano’s is an all you can eat, Brazilian inspired restaurant where you have two buffet lines full of amazing salads, seafood, soups, cheese rolls, and my favorite - fried bananas :) In addition to this, the servers continuously bring out different types of meat that they slice off right onto your plate. They keep on coming until you turn your little table top marker to red rather than green. You have a constant rush of food from all sides and angles, bombarded with so many choices and much deliciousness! 

So the question was asked, “Hey Britt, what’s the best way to not overeat in a situation like that??” I had to stop and thing for a minute (as I rubbed my food baby still in my stomach from the feast). I obviously needed to check in with these tips for myself! This was the perfect chance to remind myself of the skills I’ve learned over the years to be in better control and in tune with what my body needs rather than what my other senses are telling me I want.

I put together a little list to share with you all, about how we can avoid over eating in a setting like this, where there’s unlimited good food, and the sign says “all you can eat!” Chances are we’ve all been in this situation and it will happen again!


1. Check in with Yourself First- By this, I mean go into the situation with a healthy mindset. Remind yourself that you’re going to be in charge of the situation. Remember that YOU are in control. This sets yourself up for success from the get go. 

2. Prioritize & Learn to Pass- When there’s so many options, it can be tempting to just put everything on your plate because it's there. This is where you stop and prioritize what you REALLY want, over what you can pass up. The skill of deciphering what’s worth it and not worth it when it comes to food gets better over time, it just takes practice. For example, at the Tucano’s Salad bar I passed up on the pasta salads (which I know I don’t love) and instead enjoyed a couple of fried banana pieces (which is something exciting I would never make at home). Remember, just because it’s there, doesn’t mean it has to be on your plate! 

3. Fill your plate with Greens First!- This is a tip you can use at any meal, no matter where you’re eating. When you’re building your plate, try to fill half of it with greens. When we fill up on the good stuff first, there’s less room for the junk! Practice this one at home too, you’ll be a lot closer to reaching your daily veggie goals.

4. Slow down & give the fork a rest - I am totally guilty of scarfing down my food faster than my fullness radar can keep up. This happened at Tucano’s and once I finally did stop for a minute, I felt the fullness creep on, and my waist band start to get a little uncomfortable. A good way to slow down is to set your fork down a few times in between bites. Stop and ask yourself what a few more bites will make you feel like. If the answer is stuffed, then you should probably stop there.

5. Lighten up on your other meals - Chances are, if you’re eating out at a restaurant or buffet, even if you’re following all of these tips, you’re going to eat more than you normally would. This is ok on OCCASIONS. My advice is to just lighten up on your other meals for the day. If you go out for lunch, you don’t need to have a big breakfast and dinner as well. Maybe opt for a green smoothie for breakfast, and a lighter salad for dinner. Or whatever meal it is, adjust the rest of the day accordingly. 


So there you have it! 5 tips to help you out in the world of “Bigger is Better” and “All you Can Eat” lines. Don’t expect to be a pro your first try. Keep practicing and you’ll get better at it! 

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