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Fitness Challenges 2016


30 - Days Back on Track..... Join the Challenge!


Summer's come and gone, we've had our trips, we've soaked up rays, we've ate our fair share of s'mores, popcicles, and icecream, kids are ready for school (and so are the moms!), and it just sort of feels right to get back on track with our fitness! September is a month to reset some goals, create some healthy habits, and enjoy the awesome produce thats in season right now! 

Well I have just the thing for you! Join in my 30 Day Fitness Challenge that I've designed to fit your needs! Whether you're a student going back to college this fall, or a mom juggling everyones schedules, or going back to a new work schedule and feel like you're always on the go!

This guide includes quick and effective workouts that will change your body, rev up your metabolism, burn fat, and strenthen muscle and endurance. With this daily functional training you will be able to run further, jump higher, pick up your kids, carry your groceries, hike a mountain, whatever this crazy life throws at you! But best of all you will look and feel AMAZING! 

Combine the workout endorphins with the meals I've planned for you and you have the perfect combo. The meals and recipes were put together with you in mind. They are quick, simple, and affordable! You'll even get a healthy lunch packing guide each week! Learn how to meal prep for healthy lunches to pack with you whatever your week has in store. 

The focus will be on creating healthy habits, one week at a time. We will be setting goals and checking in on eachother. 

If all of this wasn't enough, you'll also have the chance to win some awesome prizes as extra motivation! I'm awarding your hard work and dedication with my favorite protein powder, bars, shoes, and a free month of training with me! How cool is that?

Make sure you tell your workout buddies so you can all keep each other on track and lets do this! Hurry and sign up before September 1st and start the month with a bang.

I'll see ya there!  






So excited to introduce my brand new program to you guys! I call it the Track Star Stair Master program. While in Paris I had access to an awesome park with hills, stairs, benches, and space to run free. That was my gym for 6 months, no equipment, no fancy stuff, I would just use my sandbag for weight days, and the park for the rest. Well I thought since it's summer, so many of you have access to good weather, bleachers, parks, stadium track and field, or some kind of stair set with open space. I wanted to share this guide that is full of 12 awesome workouts that are all unique and fresh to add to your routine. This guide is meant to be added to your current workout schedule. I recommend adding in 2-3 Track/Stair days with 2-3 days of weight workouts. 

I'm also really excited about the meal guide portion of this program. I've turned the focus to the best meals to consume pre & post workout. I've prepared you with the best foods to fuel your body for your best workout! Also, I've included how to re-fuel your muscles after your sweat session. You will be able to maximize your results from the workouts with the right fuel. I've included my favorite recipes that I know you'll love! 

I love these workouts! If you're a busy mom, you can bring your kids along with you to the track and they can totally be entertained. You get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and catch some rays while you're at it. These workouts are awesome to do with a partner or group, so tell your friends and have them purchase the program with you! You can both follow a long together and meet up for extra motivation! (please only one user per purchase though, thanks for the honesty :)

If you want a fun and convenient way to work your entire body, get your heart rate up and sweat, then look no further, this program is calling your name girl!

Find it right here and lets get started!




Top 5 Tips on Getting Sculpted for Summer

It's April and Spring time is in full swing. The trees are blossoming, the birds are chirping, the snow is melting, the days are getting longer, and dreams of our summer vacations are almost reality. So there's all this hype about slimming down for summer, bikini bodies, booty short butt lift, the list goes on. So why did I choose Sculpted for Summer? Wellllll believe it or not, there was actually more thought put into it than the obviously catchy ring. 

When we think of summer, I think most of us automatically associate it with swimsuits. And depending on how our winter discipline has gone, we may cringe at the thought and quickly go shop for the best cover-ups. One of the worst things is that feeling of anxiety over our bodies, and we've all experienced it! Even the people we think have the perfect body have felt it. I want to help remove that feeling for as many women as I can (men are welcome to join as well). But I don't want to approach it as a "quickly lose 10 pounds for summer" kind of plan. And it's definitely not a "don't eat, live on the elliptical" kind of plan. I want to improve your confidence from the inside out. I've found that even if your body doesn't change at all in regards to weight or size, just working out on its own brings confidence. By pushing yourself through hard things, and totally crushing your workouts, you prove to yourself that you can do it, and you are worth it.  

One of my favorite moments with a clients was with a young mom of 2 kids came home from a vacation and told me that she couldn't be happier. They almost missed their connecting flight, but with 2 kids in her arms, and 3 bags, she sprinted through that airport and made it in record time. She was so proud of herself, and I was stoked. All of her hard work through our workouts together had paid off not only in her dress size, but in real life events. She was glowing with confidence.

I've put a lot of time and love into this program and I know it will bring you that confidence. Whether it's for suiting up for a day at the beach, or racing through the airport, you'll be ready. I've prepared you with over 30 healthy recipes that are easy and delicious, a meal guide with portion control, balanced meal planning, complimented with daily workouts that are designed for total body toning and sculpting to turn your body into a fat burning machine. Thats not all, there's 111 pages total packed with goodness! 

To get you started, here are my top 5 tips on getting Sculpted for Summer:

  1.  Lift heavy weights! If you're still scared to lift heavy, get over it.  You turn into a man. To simplify the equation, muscle burns fat, the more muscle you have, the more fat you'll burn, and your body will turn into a lean mean, sexy machine. (There's obviously more to it than that but thats the main idea). You can burn far more calories with an intense weight session than hours on the cardio machines.
  2. Eat Fat to Burn Fat: Yes, its true. forget about the low-fat diet your aunts used to do. When we consume the right dietary fats (Omega-3, nuts, seeds, fish, avocado, olive oil) our body learns to use fat as an energy source. Plus, you'll be satisfied and fuller for longer! Not to mention all the nutrients and goodness packed into these foods
  3. Protein and Fiber are your Friends: Post workout, refuel with protein and fiber to help your muscles repair, and curb your appetite. Also benefit from the awesome metabolism boosting effects. Some of my favorite combo's are apples and peanut butter, Protein shakes, vegetables and hummus, a veggie omelette, you get the idea.
  4. Use your full body! The more muscle fibers you're working, the more calories you are going to burn. I use a lot of combo moves in this program to maximize calorie burn. Some examples from this program are Squat & Shoulder press, Lunge with a core twist, Plank with leg lifts, etc. I love combo moves because you get more bang for your buck! 
  5. You can't out exercise a bad diet: This is why I have included lots of advice and guidance for your eating in this program. Abs really are made in the kitchen! doing sit ups all day long is not going to get you that six pack. I don't teach a restrictive or depriving diet, but it does take some discipline to get results. One of my favorite quotes, and one that I highlight in the program is "Discipline is Freedom". Put in the work now, and you will be able to live a more flexible life later on. When we train our bodies right and fuel them properly, they perform better for us in return and become more efficient at burning off an occasional treat.

So there you have it, some jumpstart tips to get the ball rolling. I hope you enjoy this program and can't wait to see the progress and all of your glowing confidence!

Start Sculpting for Summer here!




My Top 3 Tips for Sticking to your Fitness Goals in 2016!

Its a fresh start to a new year, a clean slate. Everyone starts off the year with great intentions and then usually that fire and desire wares off by February or March. Well lets not have that happen this year! Lets make 2016 our fittest year and keep the fire lit. These are 3 tips I thought of that have helped me make goals and keep them. We all have our ups and downs, our on days and off days, but the more you practice consistency with fitness, the easier it will become. If I were to add a 4th tip to this list it would be to not beat yourself up over a slip. Just because you interrupt a good streak with a treat, or whatever it is, does not mean you have fallen off the wagon! Just get back on course and carry on. Also, January isn't the only time we get a clean slate. Think of each month, the start of each week, or even a brand new day! We have a lot of opportunities for fresh starts throughout the year, don't just settle on one. Alright now here are my top 3 tips:



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! #PerformanceGoals2016

I want to invite you to join me in making 2016 our “fittest” year yet! My whole desire to do this campaign for #performancegoals2016 came from my observation of the recent trending hashtags for goals. You have probably seen them or used them, #leggoals #buttgoals #hairgoals #kneecapgoals etc etc. While I think its totally fine to have people to inspire you with their fitness and physique, I don’t think its a good thing when we idealize someones body and say “I want legs like that” or “I wish I had her arms” because that’s just not how it works. I want to inspire you this year to make #performancegoals rather than #imagegoals. Set goals that push you outside your comfort zone physically, socially, academically, whatever it is, and the #imagegoals will follow. I love the wise words of Pinterest that say “train like an athlete, look like an athlete” :)