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RECIPE: Skinny Enchiladas {Butternut - Pork}

So I bought a big old bag of pre-peeled & cubed butternut squash at Costco last week (game changer for those of us wanting to cut out the squash prep process!) 

I started looking for butternut squash recipes and found a real gem from  but of course I wanted to put my own little spin on them. If you want a vegetarian version, check hers out, they're amazing and she's a foodie genius!

I wanted a little more substance for feeding a group so I added the Shredded pork, and the combo was divine. I also changed up the seasonings a bit, flavors and amounts, and unfortunately didn't have goat cheese (which I love) so I did shredded pepper jack instead. 

This recipe is proof that enchiladas do not need to be full of creamy canned crap, and can be vegetarian, paleo, whatever, and still taste amazing! I also think black beans would be a great addition to these bad boys, maybe next time I'll give that a go! But for now, give these a shot. PS This recipe made about 12 small corn tortilla enchiladas.

1 Comment