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Friday Favorites: How to get in your Veggies!

If you've worked with me, done my programs, or have been following me for some time now, you know that I'm always preaching to get your veggies in at every meal! Well today for my Friday Favorites post I wanted to share with you my 5 favorite ways to sneak in those veggies, especially the green ones! Click the links to download my recipe PDF's and if you want more of these amazing recipes along side an awesome, kick butt workout program, sculpting your body in 8 weeks, click HERE to get my Sculpted for Summer program! Available no until the end of April, soooo don't miss it! 

Ok so here we go, my 5 favorite ways to get in your veggies!

1) Replace those Grains with Veggies! It's a simple step but can make a huge difference. You can make veggies the base to any meal! Some of my favorites are Cauliflower rice, Spiralized Zoodles, Shredded Carrots, and of course just a bed of leafy greens with all the delicious toppings (spinach, arugula, kale, etc.) (Check out one of my favorite veggie based recipes HERE)

2) Frozen in my smoothies. Did you know that you can freeze veggies? I've heard the concern of not wanting to buy too much produce for the fear it will go bad before you get the chance to eat it. Weeeell Fear no more! Just before that tipping point of going bad, take those green leafy vegetables and put them in a zip-lock and stick them in the freezer! You can also do this with Cucumbers and zucchini. Peel, cut in half, and freeze. These greens will be perfect to throw into your morning smoothie, adding good texture and bulk without sugar or a lot of calories.  (Check out some of my favorite Green Smoothie Recipes HERE)

3) Shredded in my Oats. This one may sound a little crazy. Why would you every put vegetables in your oatmeal? But trust me, it adds bulk without the sugar, and you can't even taste it! You can still have a sweeter breakfast with veggies included, best of both worlds. Some of my favorite ways to do this are shredded up Zucchini, or those frozen greens I was talking about. Stir them up in your oats, add in your other flavoring & liquids and heat them up in the microwave or stove top. (Here's a recipe for some Zucchini Oats to try out - plus some more of my favorite oaties.

4) Shredded in baked goods. I love to bake, and I also love to eat what I've baked :) So lets make this a win win and sneak some veggies into those baked goods! If you have little kids who don't like eating veggies this is a great way to get around that. You can put shredded or blended veggies into pancake batter, quick bread, muffins, waffles, etc. Some favs are zucchini and carrots. Here's one of my favorite carrot muffin recipes.

5) And of course, the easy way out, Super green powders! If you just need something quick, extremely easy, and feel like you're not getting enough veggies in your meals, or you rather drink your greens than create a meal with vegetables, you may want to try a green powder. The trick is picking the right one. I'm not an expert on this stuff, because I love cooking and eating whole veggies, but I've recruited some back up. Check out this article from that ranks the best super green powders out there! Lots of good information so make sure to check it out. 

Well thanks for following along and reading. I'd love to hear what your favorite ways are to sneak in some extra veggies, comment below! 





Its been a while since I've shared my Friday Favorites with ya'll so I thought I'd bring it back with some of my favorite Trader Joe's ingredients as of late. If you read my last post you learned that I'm all about efficiency in the kitchen. A healthy lifestyle means homemade & home prepped meals, but it doesn't have to be time consuming or boring. Check out some of my favs and why I love them!

This Thai Curry Sauce has been one of my best friends lately :) Throw it in the crock put over some pork or chicken, shred it up and serve with sautéed bell peppers, steamed broccoli, carrots, all the veggies! Easy Thai dinner. Can use This awesome Riced Cauliflower as well, amazing! Takes away the hassle of the food processor cauliflower mess, and gives you a quick and easy low carb base to your meal. 

another saucy time saver! This enchilada sauce is what I make my pulled pork/chicken mexican salads with. You put the roast in the crock pot, and pour this sauce over, cook on low for 5-6 hours and wala! Shred it up, serve over lettuce with beans, tomatoes, peppers, onions, avocado, and salsa, so good!

This Risotta is a quick and easy side dish with any meal. I added about 2 cups of Quinoa I had already cooked to this mixture and there was plenty of flavor and it added bulk to take it further, we love leftovers here!

When I spend time on a main course meat, or something fancy, and I don't have time to make a salad or green I throw this bag of green beans in the microwave and it gets the job done. Always have some green on your plate is a great motto to live by and this microwavable bag helps sooo much! stir in a little butter and salt and pepper when they're done and in 3 minutes you have a complete meal. (picture is of the empty bag, the process was so fast I didn't even get a picture!)

Alright I'm a big fan of salsa and this is my new favorite! The tomatillo and the mangoes is a fabulous combo. I put a couple spoonfuls on my taco salad instead of dressing, or on my veggie scrambled eggs for breakfast. Adds amazing sweet and spicy flavor.

Individual Guac packs! The larger pouches always go brown before we can finish them off so these packs are perfect for 2. Spread it on your toast, on eggs, Taco salad, quesadilla, tuna salad, so many possibilities! 

Alright, last but no least, I was a little maxed out with hummus, so I tried this Tahini sauce instead. I have been thrilled with my choice! amazing flavor, tasted great with carrots, celery, cucumber, I even spread it on a piece of Dave's Killer Bread, put some turkey, tomatoes, spinach, and broiled cheese on top for an amazing turkey melt open-faced sandwhich. The Tahini sauce was the key ingredient. 

I'd love to hear your favorites! Leave me a comment with your quick and healthy go to ingredients!



Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I'm excited to let you in on some of my favorites from this last week.  

1) First up we have Batiste Dry Shampoo!  Its the best.  I am definitely a sweater, and working out everyday it doesn't take long for my hair to be flat and greasy.  I try to avoid washing it everyday so thats where this little life saver comes in handy.  My favorite is the new 'Dark Brown' one that doesn't turn my hair grey like most other brands I have tried.  Batiste is definitely the best I've found.  Just spray where you need a little fluff and lift, give a little rub through with your finger tips, a little poof, and your fresh as a daisy!

batiste dry shampoo


2) Secondly, one of my favorite go to snacks is this amazing guacamole, sold in little 80 calorie packs, conveniently ready for a filling snack.  I love it with hard boiled eggs, or spread on whole wheat toast for breakfast.  Its also amazing with pretty much anything haha.  I love that it stays fresh in this little pack, and you won't over do it like you might if you had a whole bowl of guac.  Costco sales a pack of 12, that may seem like a lot but provides a great go to snack for a couple of weeks.  Did I mention you'll get your healthy fats! 



3) Number three is my new restaurant discovery, Wild Zucchini Grill.  Two locations, Sandy and American Fork, Utah.  I got the 'American Kobe' Chopped salad.  So good!  seriously so many good flavors going on.  I opted for the spicy pesto dressing and it did not disappoint!  Its large so you could even share it with a friend, or take some home for later!


Well there you have it, beautify yourself with Batiste Dry Shampoo, satisfy your snack attack with Costco's 'Chunky Guacamole' snack packs, and treat yourself to a delicious lunch or dinner out at Wild Zucchini Grill!  Have a great weekend everyone.



Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Another great week has gone by with some great finds to share with you!  Here are the products I've been lovin this week and excited to spread the goods, so here ya go!  

1)   First off, these super food veggie patties from costco have saved me in a few hangry moments this week.  These little patties of deliciousness have 160  cal packed with 5g of protein, 4g fiber, and only 1g sugar.  The company who makes these, Don Lee Family Farms, have factories that are all organic certified and operate under the highest possible third-party ratings from top food safety auditors.  The ingredients are all organic and consist of quinoa, carrots, kale, almonds, onions, soybean oil, garlic, and other spices.  After a long day I heated one of these bad boys up, through on a bowl of spinach, drizzled some cilantro balsamic dressing, and ta da!  Dinner was served and delicious.  

2)   Olay Fresh Effects {Bright on Schedule} Eye serum.  This Eye awakening creme is perfect when that 5 am wake up call feels real early.  Just roll this stuff on under your eyes and you'll feel fresh as a daisy, bright eyed and bushy tailed!  Well not quite haha but its a step in the right direction!

3)   This Aubergine and Co. Dream salad, yes, it is a dream.  My husband can verify that I enjoyed every bite, and let him know :)  This salad has such a unique combination of goodness.  Here's the build up: Romaine, spinach, antibiotic-free chicken, red onions, apples, walnuts, parmesan cheese, basil, grape tomatoes, red & green peppers and all chopped together with there cilantro/jalapeno dressing.  Trust me, you will know how it gets its name after you try it.

4)   And last but not least, my favorite socks, Feetures!  These are seriously the comfiest socks to workout in.  They hold their shape, they're breathable, they have a nice tab on the back of the ankle so your shoes don't rub, and they come in cute colors (cause everyones worries about the colors of your socks right?)

Well there you have it! Hope you find this stuff as enjoyable as I do!  



Friday's Favorites

Happy Weekend Everyone!  I'm going to be starting a weekly series of sharing some of my favorite product finds throughout the week every Friday!  So lets cut right to the chase, here's my four favorites from this week:


1)  Vive Juicery in Sugarhouse (1597 S 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84105)

If you're looking for a refreshing little pick me up I highly recommend Vive Juicery.  Its the cutest little juice shop and each one comes in an awesome little glass bottle.  I went for the "Stella" which has Kale, Spinach, celery, cucumber, green apple, lemon, and lime.  It was the most refreshing cleansing flavor!  Fair warning, they are pricey.... But if you've every tried juicing yourself you know how much produce it takes to fill a small bottle.  They have a menu of fruit juices, vegetable juices, almond milks, and detox packages.  Its a must if your in the area!

2)  Easy Dinners from Costco, like this amazing Kale and Red Chard Stir Fry Kit. 

I've been working crazy hours this week and last thing I've wanted to do is slave away in the kitchen all night.  This was a life saver this week.  I added asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms to the mix, steamed it all in a big pan with the lid on, poured over the sauce, and bam, I had a veggie filled delicious dinner.  

3This new Protein Powder from Gnarly, which also doubles as an appetite and weight management supplement with fat burning benefits, triple whammy!  Lots of you ask what protein powder I use and I've recently found one that I love.  Gnarly makes a very clean product using Whey protein from New Zealand grass fed Cattle, sweetened with stevia, plant-based digestive enzymes, pro and prebiotics to help with your digestive and protein absorption, no artificial coloring or sweeteners, GMO free, fat burning slimming blend, Gluten free, and a low glycemic index to keep your blood sugar from spiking.  This is one of the best profiles I've seen in a protein powder and not too mention both the Chocolate and Vanilla taste amazing!

photo 2.JPG

Per Scoop: 80 calories; 10g Protein; 3g fiber; 3g total impact carbs

4) Ghee as a replacement for Butter

What is Ghee you may ask? Ghee is a form of butter made from grass-fed cows, and cooked longer and in a certain way that removes the harmful components that can cause inflammation, sensitivities and intolerances to some people with other dairy products.  Ghee has a healthier make up of vitamin K2, beta carotene (which is why its so vibrant yellow), vitamin A and a better Omega-3 fatty acid ratio than other butter options.  Stay tuned for a couple for recipes utilizing this fabulous ingredient.

And there you have it!  Four fabulous favorites I've discovered this week and wanted to share.    Enjoy!  I'll be back with more next week!