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WEDNESDAY WISDOM: My Top 10 Healthy Habits for Staying Lean ALL YEAR ROUND

I'm starting a new tradition around here and its called WEDNESDAY WISDOM! Has a nice ring to it right? Each week on Wednesday I'll share some words of wisdom about health. I would love recommendations for topics! Comment on my instagram or this blog post with topics you want me to cover! 

This week I'm sharing my top 10 healthy habits to stay lean all year round. Often times we Here about quick fixes, getting lean for summer, lose those holiday pounds, etc. How can we reach goals and stay there? Want to get off the roller coaster ride? I'm here to help. These aren't quick tricks, or drastic diets. These are habits that I've integrated into my daily life over time. Don't think you need to change all at once, and some of these may not fit into your specific needs and lifestyle. My advice is to pick one or two at a time to work on, only bite off as much as you can chew. One baby step at a time. With consistency, you will develop healthy habits in your own life!

1. I Drink lots of water and only water. By this simple habit, you will cut out so many extra calories and sugar. This alone can kickstart your weight loss.

2. I Priorities sleep (7-8 hours). When you're well rested you think clearer, crave less junk food, have energy for a good workout, and cortisol levels go down (reducing fat storage in your body). Plus, studies show that getting enough sleep leads to a longer life!

3. I only eat out 1-2 times per week. When you prepare your own meals, you're in control. You can always prepare healthier options at home. Plus, it's easier on the wallet! Of course there's those occasional weeks with more parties and festivities and that's just part of life, enjoy! But stick to your game plan when you can.

4. I take the stairs when I have the option. It may seem like a small thing, but those extra steps and movement throughout the day add up and you can end up burning a couple hundred extra calories each day! I'm a huge believer in adding any kind of extra movement in your day.

5. I don't buy junk food. If it's not around the house, I'm less likely to eat it. This doesn't mean I never have treats, but when I do have a treat, I am going out for it so it's more of a special occasion. I am making a conscience decision, not mindlessly finding my spoon at the bottom of the ice cream tub in my kitchen. Or habitually reaching for the bag of chips I see staring at me in the pantry. And if you do have treats around the house after a holiday or party, it's ok to throw them out or give them away!

6. I load up on veggies. First place I go in the grocery store is the produce section, and I stock my fridge with easy to grab, chopped up veggies. We all typically eat whatever we have around, the most convenient right? Why not make it healthy!

7. I schedule in my work out. Literally, I write it down in my day planner and check it off when I'm done. This makes sure I'm not doing anything else in that block of time and gives me the satisfaction of checking it off each day when I finish!

8. I listen to my body. Although I'm not perfect at this, I try to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. We are all good at this when we are children, but somewhere along the line we lose this awareness. Stay away from rules that say what time to eat, foods you can or can't have, etc. Instead, I stick to my whole food, veggie based diet, meat sparingly, whole grains, low sugar. And the timing varies, some days I have 2 meals, some days I have 6 meals, it just depends on my bodies needs! I think sometimes we try to over complicate it!

9. I change up my work out routine daily. I get bored and it can become monotonous doing the same workouts so changing up the routine is crucial for me. Also crucial, making sure you include exercise that you enjoy! You may not enjoy every day and that's ok, but having something like a hike or spin class you really look forward to helps keep it fun! (in need of some ideas? try out one of my plans here to get you going).

10. I eat chocolate every day (well almost every day ;) I used to have a very powerful sweet tooth. I've found that if I keep a bar of dark chocolate around (70-80% cacao) I just break off a small corner of it after a meal and I don't even crave dessert! It's rich enough that it satisfies me for a long time. One of my favorite little tricks! If your an all or nothing type, meaning you will eat the whole chocolate bar if you start, then you may want to stay clear of this approach, or try individually wrapped chocolate so you only have one at a time.

So there ya go! Remember to take one step at a time for long lasting results. It's not a race to the finish line. Listen to your body, everyone is different!

I would love to hear some of your own healthy habits, comment below! Also let me know of any Wednesday Wisdom topics you would like me to cover in a comment below. Also, share this with a friend who you think would appreciate the content. :)

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My Top 10 Frugal Health Foods

My approach to nutrition is focused on real, whole foods, and how they fit into your real, everyday life. I don’t think that we should be cutting out any sort of food group (unless you have a diagnosed disease or sensitivity to the foods). I think the mainstream media “health” people do a good job of finding key words and getting them out to the public saying why this one food is the answer to all of your problems, or that one food will make you fat. These are catchy headlines, but far from reality. My approach has always been the same, make vegetables the focus of your diet, create balanced meals with protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, and avoid packaged foods if you can, but they aren’t going to kill you. If you are doing packaged foods, stick to the ones with the shorter ingredient lists. Keep your Grains & wheat products to whole wheat and whole grains, and you don’t need grains with every meal. Grains and Wheat get a bad rep, but remember, everyone is different and what could be harmful for one person, could be perfectly fine for the next person. Finally, eating healthy doesn’t have to brake the bank!! I think so many people get discouraged or overwhelmed thinking that they have to shop at Whole Foods and buy all organic products to be healthy, so they just don’t even try. McDonalds & Mac & Cheese are cheap, but what if I told you that you could eat better and feel better for the same cost? Well its true.