One of the things I’ve learned while living in Europe is that simply walking more in your day can make a huge difference on health! I’ve lost body fat, stayed lean (even with all the French Pastries), and have mental clarity during and after a beautiful brisk walk. This has had me thinking about what’s most important for my clients and people trying to lose weight and get healthy. Is it most important that they fit in an hour of a butt kicking workout just to go sit the rest of the day? Or is it more important to take the stairs throughout the day, park a little further out from the grocery store, and doing these little things throughout the day for activity? From my recent experiences, I’d vote the ladder. However both are important. We will not change our bodies with just walking a little more each day, but when we add these small additions of activity throughout our day, while maintaining a workout routine, and eating a healthy diet, we will maximize our results! 

I came up with 4 ways you can add more activity to your day. Some you may already do, and others you may not have thought of before! Read on and see what you can add to your daily routine this week! 

  1. Always take the stairs. Typically, we are given the opportunity to tone our legs multiple times through out the day when faced with the option of stairs or the elevator. Now why would anyone ever pass that up!? :) Did you know that stair climbing requires 8-9 times more energy expenditure than sitting and burns about 7 times more calories than taking a lift! And believe it or not, usually taking the stairs is faster than waiting for the lift! So its a win win 
  2. Find the furthest away parking spot and take it. I know I know, opposite of the average mind set, But its a perfectly easy way to get an extra few minutes of walking in your day. I always think its hilarious when people drive around the gym parking lot looking for the best spot up close by the doors…. didn’t you come to the gym to work out?! Anyways, besides the healthy benefits, your cars less likely to get scratched up, another win.
  3. Take public transportation. I know its not possible in some cities and lifestyles, but if its an option for you, take it! Living here in paris where public transportation is the best option no matter who you are, you definitely get your steps and stairs in. Just to get to the station to go anywhere I have to walk 1/2 mile each way. And then coming up and down each metro stop you get a few flights of stairs. You save on gas, you can read while you are being transported, and you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot! I know most places don’t have that great of public transportation, but if you ever get a chance, take advantage!
  4. Set a work day activity alarm. This one is my favorite, and its something I’ve been doing a lot of lately. I’ll set my alarm for every 20 or 30 minutes on my phone, and when it goes off I have to stand up and do some sort of exercise. If you’re in a public office and don’t really want to make a scene, than at least just stand up and stretch a bit. This is not only good for your physical health, but it will also get blood flowing to your brain and you will work better. When I’m working at home, I’ll challenge myself with doing a certain number of push-ups, Burpees, or mountain climbers each time. It makes my day go by pretty fast, and I’m usually actually pretty sore the next day!
  5. Make your meetings move. One of my favorite things about working for a running shoe company the last couple of years was the love for running that everyone shared, and most of the “meetings” were held on a trail running together. If you are meeting with colleagues, business partners, clients, or even just a long lost friend, suggest that you take your meeting outside while you walk. Chances are they will love the idea as well! Walking and talking is a great way to build relationships. You’ll both benefit from the fresh air and extra movement in your day.

So there you have it! Some tips and tricks you can implement into your daily life to create a healthier version of you! By making these simple changes in your life you will find it easier to manage your weight and energy levels. Let me know how it goes and if you have any other tips to share!