Track Star - Stair Master


Track Star - Stair Master

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Get a track star body with this Track and Stair trainer from Body Design by Brit! All body weight workouts, lots of high intensity interval training, plyometrics, core work, and lots of sweat.

12 sessions to add to your workout routine! PLUS I've included my guidelines for the best foods to eat Pre and Post workout to fuel and refuel your body! Meals with my favorite recipes included! 

This is a one of a kind training program. We’re taking it to the track, training for speed, agility, power, core strength, and a better all around body composition. Some of the most impressive athletic physiques to me are the track and field girls in the Olympics. They are sculpted, lean, strong, and have abs of steel. Since I’ve included sprint work in my training programs for myself, I have noticed a lot of these physical developments improving in myself. So I’m here to pass the benefits along to you! I absolutely LOVE this program for so many reasons:

- You can take your kids to the track or bleachers with you

-No equipment needed except for some stairs and space to run/sprint

-Each workout is fun and different, keeping your routine fresh!

This program is so much fun, and you will feel worked and sweaty when your workout's complete. 

BONUS: I've also included the best meals and snacks to eat before and after your workout. The best way to fuel up, and the best way to re-fuel those muscles to maximize your results. I've included lots of recipes and suggestions for the best proteins, fats, and carbs to consume before and after your workout. 

Get ready to push yourself and change your body with these workouts you can add right into your training schedule!