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REVIEW: renew float spa

Alright today I got to try something totally new and amazing. I had the opportunity to try out  Renew Float Spa for a float! What is floating you may ask (well I didn't know either) but here's what I learned:

Imagine what it feels like to be floating in space, no gravity, completely dark, completely silent, the perfect environment for tranquility. You step into this big white pod which contains 10 inches of water that is the same temperature as your body - 93.5 degrees, as well as the air temperature. The water contains a whole lot of Epsom Salt which creates a buoyancy for your body that removes the effects of gravity on your body. You feel completely weightless, allowing every single muscle in your body to fully relax. With the water and air temperature being equal to your body, you lose track of where your body ends and the water and air begins. You are completely distraction free, and your mind goes into a state of calmness with a rush of dopamine and endorphins. You get a full hour in the pod, first 5 minutes with soft music playing to get you in the zone, then 50 minutes of dark and silence, then for the last 5 minutes the soft music returns for your to come back to earth. Its the craziest feeling! I think at one point I fell asleep and when I came back to life I seriously felt like I was on the moon! 

Some of the Benefits of floating include:

Feelings of deep calm & relaxation, flow of feel-good endorphins, relieves stress, refreshes & rejuvenates the body, improve sleep patterns, reduces rehab and recovery time, relieves chronic pain (arthritis, headaches), improves blood circulation, Decreases production of cortisol, lactic acid and adrenaline, improves clarity of though and concentration, facilitates deeper meditation, Synchronizes left/right hemispheres of the brain, and so much more! 

So to sum up my experience, I thought it was an amazing must try. In my opinion it's a little bit over priced, but you get a discount on your first time so that's a bonus! Since it is on the pricier side I would schedule it after a grueling physical activity that you are sore from, or before an event that may be causing you anxiety or need some extra serenity going into. My favorite part of the experience was the feeling of being completely weightless that I have never felt before! Also when you get out your body feels relaxed and energized and the epsom salt does wonders. This would be an awesome and unique gift card Christmas present for a friend or family member! Lots of these float spas are poppin up, so if you're not in Spokane, search the one nearest you!

You can find them here: and insta: @renewfloat