I wanted to give a big thanks and congrats to everyone who participated in Britt's Holiday Fit Club. It was so much fun for me to hear your feedback and how you were staying on track and motivated through the crazy holiday season. Taking control of your health and accepting the responsibility is a huge step to a healthy lifestyle. When we accept the fact that we're in control and not our outside circumstances, we can then plan each day and set ourselves up for success! Obviously life happens and some things are out of our control, but when we take full advantage of the things we do have control over than we will be much better off in the long run. 

I want to invite you to join me in making 2016 our “fittest” year yet! My whole desire to do this campaign for #performancegoals2016 came from my observation of the recent trending hashtags for goals. You have probably seen them or used them, #leggoals #buttgoals #hairgoals #kneecapgoals etc etc. While I think its totally fine to have people to inspire you with their fitness and physique, I don’t think its a good thing when we idealize someones body and say “I want legs like that” or “I wish I had her arms” because that’s just not how it works. I want to inspire you this year to make #performancegoals rather than #imagegoals. Set goals that push you outside your comfort zone physically, socially, academically, whatever it is, and the #imagegoals will follow. I love the wise words of Pinterest that say “train like an athlete, look like an athlete” :)

First of all, we are all so uniquely created that no matter how hard I try to get victoria secret model legs, I’m just not. I’m 5’4” and I have muscle. I was designed to run up a mountain, not walk down the runway. I’ve accepted that, and I’m grateful for it. So if I were to hashtag on heidi Klumes latest post #leggoals that would just be dumb.

Second of all, #performancegoals are way more rewarding than #imagegoals. I know this from experience. Yes, it feels amazing to look in the mirror and like what you see. But it feels even better to look in the mirror with confidence because you NOT ONLY like what you SEE, but you also just ran your first marathon, or did your first full pull up, or whatever it was that you set a goal to do, and your proud of something you DID. We can look at the scale and see a smaller number and say woo hoo, but what does that number really provide for us? For me the real reward is after DOING something I set a goal to do that takes dedication, sweat, and consistency. You can feel the reward through your whole body. 

So as we embark on 2016 I’m initiating a fun game. I am going to put out a #performancegoals2016 fitness challenge each month (search that hashtag to find them as the year goes on). This will be a workout that will push you to the limits, whether its a different number of reps, a different weight than you’re used to, a speed challenge, or time duration. I will have 3 versions of each one, a beginners challenge, an intermediate challenge, and an advanced challenge. I will release the challenge at the first of the month to my Email Subscribers, on my Blog, and on instagram. You can pick any day out of the whole month that you want to take on the challenge. I recommend picking a day before a holiday or the weekend, or before a party where you know you want to get out some extra energy or burn some extra calories. You will report on the instagram post that you did that challenge, and we will have an awesome little support group! 

I’m excited to look back on this year and all of the things I can accomplish and how I pushed myself, and for all of you out there joining me. I hope you’ll play along with me and it will bring you the same accomplishment and satisfaction it gives me. Tell your friends and family, and lets all do it together!


this is a full body challenge to get us off to a good start this year! 

perform the exercises with speed, but maintaining good form. You can split up reps, for example 4 rounds of 25 reps, or 2 rounds of 50 reps. 


-200 walking lunges (100 each leg)

-100 Push ups

-100 Sit ups

-at the end- 0.25 mile sprint


-100 walking lunges (50 each leg)

-50 push ups (from knees)

-50 sit ups 

-at the end- 0.25 mile jog/walk

{advanced/higher intensity}

-200 walking lunges (100 each leg) *add weights to lunges

-100 push ups *with weighted vest on or feet elevated

-100 sit ups *holding a weight at your chest, or wearing a weight vest

-at the end- 0.25 mile sprint at a 5% incline

**Post a picture with the hashtag #performancegoals2016 and tag @getfitwithbritm so I can check it out! Their will be drawings for free stuff and training throughout the year! Excited to make this year our fittest yet!